How to starve your self-doubt monster

Sandy Seeber-Quayle
3 min readNov 1, 2020


Doubt is an exquisite spice added to your journey as a human being. Yet its delicate appearance can evolve to a monster creating terrifying outlooks. It doesn’t need to be like this. You can easily take its power by starving your self-doubt monster. Check out my top 5 tips!

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Photo: Sandy Seeber-Quayle, 2020

According to Wikipedia, doubt is described as a status between belief and disbelief. When doubt appears it is just a thought on a balanced scale that can either turn into greater doubt or into increased confidence. It is up to you on which side you put the weight.

For instance, you are pitching your product to a client. They request further information about its features and pricing. Because you have advised numerous of clients you stir confidently through this conversation until they are being reassured. Your previous experiences have helped you to gain confidence in your ability to convince a client of the product’s benefits. Even if there was a notion of it the self-doubt monster wouldn’t stand a chance to gain power.

It most likely would be different when you start a new project. For example, you introduce a new service to your clients. Even though you are excited your mind can’t find enough evidence in your experiences for selling this new service. So each question can shake your confidence. The self-doubt monster gains ground and keeps telling you why you won’t succeed.

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Photo: Sandy Seeber-Quayle, 2020

The self-doubt monster needs to be fed with reasons for you to fail. So the easiest way to starve the monster is by focussing on the reasons for you to succeed. Even though it is possible it may a bit harder to achieve when trying something new.

Here are my top 5 tips for starving your self-doubt monster:

  1. Know yourself. Make sure you know your why. Knowing what you are trying to achieve and also what you about to lose if you don’t will give you an extra bust of confidence. Be aware that doubt is more apparent if you are about to do something completely new. You can prepare for the self-doubt monster showing up by the following tip.
  2. Transfer skills. You have already mastered many things. Check what skills are relevant from previous experiences and how they can help you with your new venture. This will equip you with the right tool kit to master any arising doubts. In addition the next tip will help you starving the self-doubt monster even further.
  3. Bank successes. Each tiny bit of success builds confidence and if consciously noted your mind starts banking these successes. Make a note of wins no matter how small or big they are. With the next tip your self-doubt monster starts shaking.
  4. Build a support network. Doing something new requires courage. Having a network of people supporting you on your journey is a prerequisite to being successful. Have people around you who you count on no matter what happens, who believe in your ability to make it all the way and who keep you accountable. With this your self-doubt monster is pretty powerless.
  5. Be prepared. If you have an extraordinary idea, a new service, or new way of doing things be prepared that people may not like it at first. This is because they too are likely to doubt what they don’t know or haven’t experienced yet. Before you give that self-doubt monster a last but big chance to surface make sure you allow others to take their time to learn more about what you have on offer.

In summary, the self-doubt monster can help you recognise where you lack confidence when you start something new. But with the above tips your self-doubt monster won’t be able to stick around for too long.



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