STOP! You are already skilled!

Sandy Seeber-Quayle
5 min readOct 25, 2020

Here I am, trying to establish myself as someone who helps to get results through others and at the same time realising that this may not be what the world need right now. So I wonder what do we need? Let me take you on a journey of some thoughts and ideas that may pop up occasionally and fall under the radar in the vast amount of content out there.

Gogarty and Joyce Dublin

Your Skills

So what about your skills? You made it to October 2020 and found this article. Surely, you must have some skills that helped you getting here. What are they? How have these skills helped you to get to where you are at today? And how do these skills help you now to continue to navigate through this difficult time?

The pandemic has put us all in a situation that we have never experienced before. The world as we knew it has disappeared at least for now. We meet less people, we don’t shake hands, we keep a distance. Many of us moved to working from home which has come with challenges.

Working Remote Challenges

In March, Melanie Pinola wrote about the The 7 biggest remote work challenges (and how to overcome them). In fact, I was surprised that I didn’t find many recent articles that address the issues that employees are facing when working remotely. In her article, Pinola identifies the below list of 7 challenges and offers some tips to tackle them.

  • Working too much
  • Prioritising work
  • Interruptions
  • Loneliness & lack of human interactions
  • Communications issues & being out of the loop
  • Technology hiccups
  • Bad health habits

In my own experience, I can relate to almost all of them with working too much being on the top of my list. While not meeting too many people on a daily basis and trying to keep meetings effective, we can easily forget that our working environment is like nobody else’s. I have no children or pets. Others however do. I have my husband being at home, too. Others may be completely on their own. It made me realise that it is very easy to forget about the fact that each one of us has their own personal challenges with the so called new norm. Having another lockdown imposed may limit…



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